Architectural Engineering Design I

Assignment 6 – HVAC Selection

Demonstration Kitchen at Whole Foods

The following website is designed as a part of a group assignment for Architectural Engineering Design I at Drexel University.

Group members include:

  • Rita Pauliushchyk
  • Davon Edgecombe
  • Anthony Bifano

The main objective of this assignment involved selecting a proper HVAC system forĀ  a demonstration kitchen at Whole Foods. As a group, we had to work with certain limitations that are often associated with such a space as a demo kitchen. We assumed that the space is going to have relatively high cooling loads due to kitchen equipment (ovens, stoves, grills, and etc.), lighting, and occupants. We also imagined that this kitchen is not going to be used all the time and for long periods of time. Another aspect of the assignment that we wanted to focus on was the environmental impact of a selected system. Since the owner of the project is Whole Foods, we imagined that they are going to be extremely interested in environmentally sustainable and energy efficient choices.

During the selection process, we developed a list of criteria characteristics of the systems to narrow the list of choices and come up with the best solution for the project. Specifically, we considered two types of characteristics: owner’s concerns and system’s performance capabilities. Based on these characteristics, we constructed a criteria matrix that we used to quantify our final decision. We also worked in eQuest to develop Energy Analysis for different sizes and locations of our project. We used the program to evaluate and compare energy efficiency of different systems to make our selection.

Submit Date: May 16th, 2012


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